How Long Weed Stays In Your System

05 Jan

Weed, which is a street name for Cannabis sativa, can be found easily in your system. If you are undergoing tests and have been exposed to weed use, it can be traced in your system quite easily after a series of tests. Weed produces a certain chemical in your blood stream upon intake and this can be checked using a variety of methods.

Weed can be found in your urine. It can be traced back to up to thirty days after the last use and yet urine is one of the most common ways to check for its use. This is whether you smoke it, vape it or chew it. It is quite easy to use urine to detect weed use. Urine testing is also the cheapest way to know if one has weed in their system.

Weed can also be tested via your hair. There is a lot of talk about how accurate a test using the hair is, but it is definitely one way to determine how long you have had weed in your system. If anything, hair shows weed use up to three months since the last use. It is not common to have weed tested this way but it is a quick way to check. If you want to have it undetectable, you can clean your hair with shampoo and an effective one at that. This will clear the hair follicles of toxins and thus rendering a test dubious.

Of course the most obvious way that weed can be tested in your body is via blood. As a matter of fact, this is a favorite way after urine testing when checking for weed use though also uncommon. The chemical released is usually broken down in your blood stream. The window period though is up to one week for regular users and up to three days at most for frequent users. Get more info at this website!

There is saliva test that can be done among the numbered tests that are there to determine how long weed has stayed in one's body. You should most importantly note that saliva test can only be done on someone who has taken cannabis sativa for the last twenty four hours. It is, however, significant to understand that this does not work in favor of bosses having in mind the time it takes to detect the amount of time weed has taken or has stayed in your system. Among the tests available, saliva test is not the best since you can only detect quite a little amount of marijuana. To have an idea on how long weed stays in your system, visit

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