The Duration That Weed Stays In The Body System

05 Jan

Plenty of factors may make you to have the need to know how long marijuana stays in the body system. It could be that one needs to understand clearly the product they're using, or they have a upcoming drug test, or simply want to know more about the drug. Regardless, you should note that when it comes to the duration that it stays in the system, then this depends on how long the user has been smoking as well as their condition. When one is smoking cannabis, there is THC that does accumulate in the body fat. The more weed one smokes, the more it will take to flash it out of the body.

There is the need for one to take time to understand tests they may end up getting as well as the anticipated results. With this kind of information, one will stay prepared for the drug test. Below are some of methods that can be used in testing the drug in the body system.

The main method used to test for THC is by use of urine. The method is one of the cheapest and is known to have an extended detection period. Before a person takes the test, they should know that if they have used the product once, then it will only take about seven days before the drug flashes out of the body. For a frequent user, it might take up to 15 days, while regular users will take them up to 30 days before it is out of the system.

Testing the blood is also another way to test. As compared to urine test, one will find that in this method, there is a limited duration. If you have taken the product just once then after 24 hours, chances are that the drug will not even be realized when tests are being performed. For a regular user, it will take them around seven days.

Cannabis can also be tested for by use of the hair. This is a method that can be used to determine the use of weed months and even years after one has stopped consumption. This is mostly used especially if one is a heavy user.

With the above in mind, one should note that the frequency of the weed that they smoke is what will determine how long the product stays in their body system. Now that we have an idea of some of the test methods, it is wise to think about how one smokes so that they can clearly decide how well to use the drug. For further details on how long weed stays in your body, visit

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